Eyes on Indie: 2013 San Jose Edition

We were invited to document the Eyes on Indie nail party in San Jose this past weekend. We had a BLAST!

Eyes on Indie this year featured 7 local indie artists with macarons, cocktails, jewelry, DIY hand scrub workshop and of course nail polish!

You can find the full gallery under the Events tab up top. 

Hi-res images are available upon request, don’t be shy!

IMG_0598 IMG_0539 DSC04097 DSC04046 DSC03954 DSC03973 DSC03923 DSC03944 DSC03932 DSC03927 DSC03926 IMG_0558 IMG_0653

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2 thoughts on “Eyes on Indie: 2013 San Jose Edition

  1. heartNAT says:

    The album looks great! I would like to DL some of the high res pics. Is there an album or do I tell you which pics I want? =]

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