Chasing the Sun (End of Summer Polish Round Up)

Looking to make one last summer splash? Here are some of our favorite summer polishes by Essie. With summer coming to an end and Back-to-School looming, these colors are perfect for holding onto the last bit of summer! We took our favorites from the season and will be wearing these until it’s time for boots and sweaters!

Essie's Bikini So Teeny, Tart Deco

Essie’s Bikini So Teeny, Tart Deco

Bikini So Teeny is classic periwinkle with a hint of silver shimmer. This is our go-to periwinkle when we’re feeling a bit whimsical! Ideal for laying out all day in that secret  garden… (Recommended three thin coats. Allow for sufficient drying time in between layers).

Tart Deco is a peachy-coral that is one part flirty & two parts fun. This bright varnish is perfect for bottomless mimosas Sunday brunches with your best girlfriends. They’ll be sure to notice! (Recommended two coats).

Essie Bouncer It’s Me, Where’s My Chauffeur

Essie Bouncer It’s Me, Where’s My Chauffeur

Here at MasonLuxe we have a special love for all shades of blue. Bouncer It’s Me! is a cobalt blue jelly that truly pops when paired with a white polish underneath. At first glance, it’s comparable to our other blue lover, Butler Please. However on application, you’ll find that Butler Please is royal blue with a creme finish, while Bouncer It’s Me! is several shades darker. Bouncer It’s Me! is a guaranteed show stopper on the dance floor.  (Recommended 2 coats, with white underwear & top coat for vibrant color).

Where’s My Chauffeur is a close cousin to one of our personal favorite, In the Cab-ana. It is a bright turquoise with aqua/blue undertones. Comparable to the classic Tiffany’s blue, this polish adds a classy touch to any summer dress. Strap on your favorite sandals and head out to that yacht (and hot) date! (Recommended two coats.)

Essie Come Here, DJ Play That Song

Essie Come Here, DJ Play That Song

Red is a staple for all seasons, but this shade of red has us convinced that it belongs in the Summer rotation. Come Here! is a flamboyant coral red that screams mischievous. Careless & free, you are painting the town red tonight! (Recommended two coats along with high shine top coat).

Light up your summer nights with DJ Play That Song. Fresh, fluorescent, and flashy, DJ Play That Song is the “purp-fect” blend of purple & magenta. Like its partner in crime (Bouncer It’s Me!), DJ Play That song is an electric neon jelly that dazzles in daylight and nightlight alike.  (Unlike Bouncer It’s Me!, DJ Play That Song is better worn without a white polish underneath. Two coats + long lasting, shiny top coat).


Essie The More The Merrier, Butler Please, In The Cab-ana

Essie The More The Merrier, Butler Please, In The Cab-ana

The More The Merrier is a unique midori chartreus, with yellow undertones that’s perfect for a fun backyard bbq. With your favorite cocktails in hand, invite your neighbors over for a night of good food and good company. Because, after all, the more, the merrier, right? (Three thin coats is recommended as polish does come on thick).

Butler Please is a radiant blue that catches the attention of any room. Trust us, if you are going to only buy one blue this whole season, buy Butler Please. PLEASE! (Application can be difficult and clumpy but the key to perfecting this blue mani is painting two to three thin coats, and smoothing out all the clumps with a high quality top coat).

In The Cab-ana is our pool-side favorite. A true azure blue, this lovely color shines by the pool, in the pool, or, in…the cabana. (Recommended three thin coats as this polish also has a thick formula).

Which colors will you be hanging onto before summer ends? Share with us how you’ll be holding onto the last of summer and your favorite summer polishes!

Love, Cindy & Jane

Love, Cindy & Jane

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    Loving the pictures and all the awesome tips!

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