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PolishedbyKPT Autumn 2013

This is the first time we’ve EVER tried thermals, and we’ll admit we were a bit hesitant at first. Now? We’re fully converted believers!

Now a piece of advice on thermals: they work better on long nails! Sad? Us too! All the swatches you’ve seen on the internet with the transition? It’s hard to get that look with short nails because our entire nail will be the same temperature at the same time. But keep a close eye on your nails, they’ll change colors and surprise you!¬†We even stopped in the middle of the street to snap a photo because the colors were transitioning! (The photo was not pretty, so you won’t be seeing it) But little moments like that get you excited about your manicure all over again!

We find that we’re not bored with our manicure in one or two days because its always changing and so dynamic, we’ve been wearing these for longer! Swatches coming eventually, we haven’t even tried them all yet!


Starry night, Country road, Nightcrawler, Blood as thick as gold, La catrina


Gloomy october, Amor


Country road, Nightcrawler, Gloomy october, Blood as thick as gold


Harvest moon, Country road, Amor, Nightcrawler, Starry night, Gloomy october, Corrupted soul, Blood as thickas gold, La catrina


Starry night, Corruped soul, Gloomy ocotober, Blood as thick as gold

Interested? Head over to PolishedbyKPT, these beauties are launching September 28th. Set your alarms!


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