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We’re opening our blog to photography of all our addictions: nails, paper crafts, calligraphy, knitting, baking, event planning, etc. We are craft enthusiasts, and we’d like to share this with our Mason Luxe family.


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OPI’s AmazON AmazOFF

I haven’t been excited about a color in a  long time, as evident by the lack of posts! This OPI is the perfect blend of blue, green and turquoise. I’m staring at my nails as I type at work all day!

OPI Amazon Amazoff

OPI Amazon Amazoff

Be wary though, as Alli over at The Daily Varnish says “I do think OPI should have called this polish AmazON… Amazdoesn’twanttocomeoff”. This color is a menace to remove (as with most polishes in this shade).

The formula was a bit surprising for OPI though. Usually OPI requires 2 coats for full coverage – but this one needed a light third. I was a bit annoyed that after the second coat I could still see some streaking when I held my nails up to the light. So with a base coat, 3 coats of polish, and a top coat – my nails look and feel thicker than usual. But the gorgeous color makes up for all of it!

I couldn’t resist stamping it! Here it is with Cheeky’s CH15

OPI Amazon Amazoff stamped

OPI Amazon Amazoff stamped

Love, Jane

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New Job!

Hello Luxe Lovers!

Things have been a bit chaotic lately, but thought I’d check in to share one small tidbit: I got a new job!

I’m living, working, loving, and laughing in San Francisco! Check out the view on my daily walk to work.


golden gate bridge nails

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @masonluxenails.

Love, Jane


Halloween nails!

Hello all! I went a bit crazy with the nail stamping this weekend. I love all things Halloween, but am naturally not an over-the-top person. The two mani’s I whipped up are conservative enough to be worn daily but still encompasses the Halloween spirit!

The stamps are from Bundle Monster – my favorite stamp collection right now.

OPI First Date at the Golden Gate stamped for Halloween!

OPI First Date at the Golden Gate

China Glaze Cosmic Dust  stamped for Halloween

China Glaze Cosmic Dust

Have a great Halloween everyone!

Love, Jane

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Hello, just wanted to share my current manicure! This is PolishedbyKPT’s Havest Moon stamped over with a black.

So I’ve been wearing a lot of thermals because they’re so unique! I catch myself checking my nails throughout the day to see if they’re transitioning or if they’re a solid color. Keeps me interested in my manicure for longer than just one day. I was already wearing this polish when I got a my plates in the mail!

I just received these plates in the mail last night and had to try it right away – and I am so pleased! It’s Bundle Monster’s “Create your own” 2013 collection. I was looking at the designs and they’re all unique and easy to wear. I have to warn you that the designs do not pick up easy on the Konad rubber stamp – I’ll have to buy another stamper to see if it’ll work better.

PolishedbyKPT Harvest Moon stamped over with black

PolishedbyKPT Harvest Moon stamped over with black


PolishedbyKPT Harvest Moon stamped over with black

PolishedbyKPT Harvest Moon stamped over with black

More coming soon! There are just so many designs! I might have to stay up late tonight to do new manicure. It really is an addiction!

Love, Jane


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Field Trip to CuriOdyssey with Ms. Morgan Taylor! (Part 1)

Morgan Taylor's Water Baby, Mint Chocolate Chip, & Deja Blue

Morgan Taylor’s Water Baby, Mint Chocolate Chip, & Deja Blue

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Ms. Morgan Taylor this past weekend at CuriOdyssey, an experimental science and wildlife center located in the Bay Area. As soon as I walked in, I felt like an elementary school kid on a class field trip! I spent a good amount of time gawking at all the adorable animals, but of course, I managed to squeeze in some time to photograph some of my favorite Morgan Taylor nail polishes.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this line, Morgan Taylor is released from the same team that created Gelish. Their “Morgan Taylor” line boosts 100 beautiful colors. These polishes were a bit hard to find, but I was able to order them online at Nail Tech Supply. My best friend was also kind enough to ship them to me from her local nail supply store in Orange County (after much threatening/bribing).

While I was hoping the animals at CuriOdyssey would be more than flattered to be featured in my photoshoot, they were a bit too pre-occupied to bother. No worries! I was still able to find some great shots within the park. Here are some of my favorite shots:

Coming Up Roses & Berry Contrary

Coming Up Roses & Berry Contrary

(L-R) Morgan Taylor's Mint Chocolate Chip, Water Baby, Lost In Paradise

Morgan Taylor’s Mint Chocolate Chip, Water Baby, Lost In Paradise

Morgan Taylor's Scene Queen

Morgan Taylor’s Scene Queen

Morgan Taylor's Bright Side

Morgan Taylor’s Bright Side

Morgan Taylor’s No Way Rose & Chain Reaction
Morgan Taylor's Mint Chocolate Chip & Water Baby

Morgan Taylor’s Mint Chocolate Chip & Water Baby

Morgan Taylor's Gotta Have Hue

Morgan Taylor’s Gotta Have Hue

 Ending this post with a picture of these two cuties!

River Otters, CuriOdyssey

More fluff, fur, and polish coming in part two!

Love, Cindy

The Dupe Report: NCLA’s Sugar Fix & Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter in the Air Edition

Forever21's Multi-Glitter Dupes

Hi Friends! Today, we are excited to roll out our very first Dupe Report! The Dupe Report will feature our favorite finds and dupes of popular colors within the nail polish community. We’ll help you decide whether or not to stick to the real goods or go with the dupes.

In this edition, we will be looking at some glitter polishes  that I stumbled upon at Forever21. Simply named “Grey Multi-Glitter” and “Blue Multi-Glitter,” these beauties are dupes for NCLA’s Sugar Fix and Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter In The Air. I have been eyeing both polishes for quite some time, but couldn’t really justify paying full price for them. So you can imagine my excitement when I spotted these similar colors at Forever21, for less than 1/4 of the cost ($2.80 each)! Let’s weigh in…

Forever21's Blue Multi-Glitter-Grass

While I love Deborah Lippman’s formula, this Blue Multi-Glitter polish from Forever21 is a steal. Like Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter in the Air, this polish is a pastel blue with blue & pink glitter. The formula is milky and actually quite smooth upon application. I also own Revlon’s Whimsical, which many people say is an exact dupe of DL’s Glitter in the Air. However, I found that this polish is more opaque than both Revlon & DL. This makes it a winner in my book!

Forever21's Blue Multi-Glitter

Luxe or Not?

Verdict: LUXE. This polish is not only inexpensive, but the formula is also more opaque.

Forever21's Grey Multi-Glitter-Grass

NCLA’s Sugar Fix is a quite popular color among the nail blogging community. A grey jelly polish with blue & pink glitter, this Forever21 polish an exact replica of Sugar Fix. The formula for this polish was a bit more gunky than I had hope, but it’s nothing a top coat can’t cure. I have to admit, I’ve never tried a NCLA polish. However, at $2.80, this Forever21 polish is a great find and will hold me over until I do get my hands on the real deal.

Forever21's Grey Multi glitter

Luxe or Not?

Verdict: LUXE. This polish is a winner to me, particularly because there is no shortage in glitter chunks!

What do you think? Did we give some fair verdicts? Drop us a comment & let us know!

P.S. Can you spot me in these shots?

Love, Cindy

PolishedbyKPT Autumn 2013

This is the first time we’ve EVER tried thermals, and we’ll admit we were a bit hesitant at first. Now? We’re fully converted believers!

Now a piece of advice on thermals: they work better on long nails! Sad? Us too! All the swatches you’ve seen on the internet with the transition? It’s hard to get that look with short nails because our entire nail will be the same temperature at the same time. But keep a close eye on your nails, they’ll change colors and surprise you! We even stopped in the middle of the street to snap a photo because the colors were transitioning! (The photo was not pretty, so you won’t be seeing it) But little moments like that get you excited about your manicure all over again!

We find that we’re not bored with our manicure in one or two days because its always changing and so dynamic, we’ve been wearing these for longer! Swatches coming eventually, we haven’t even tried them all yet!


Starry night, Country road, Nightcrawler, Blood as thick as gold, La catrina


Gloomy october, Amor


Country road, Nightcrawler, Gloomy october, Blood as thick as gold


Harvest moon, Country road, Amor, Nightcrawler, Starry night, Gloomy october, Corrupted soul, Blood as thickas gold, La catrina


Starry night, Corruped soul, Gloomy ocotober, Blood as thick as gold

Interested? Head over to PolishedbyKPT, these beauties are launching September 28th. Set your alarms!


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Eyes on Indie: 2013 San Jose Edition

We were invited to document the Eyes on Indie nail party in San Jose this past weekend. We had a BLAST!

Eyes on Indie this year featured 7 local indie artists with macarons, cocktails, jewelry, DIY hand scrub workshop and of course nail polish!

You can find the full gallery under the Events tab up top. 

Hi-res images are available upon request, don’t be shy!

IMG_0598 IMG_0539 DSC04097 DSC04046 DSC03954 DSC03973 DSC03923 DSC03944 DSC03932 DSC03927 DSC03926 IMG_0558 IMG_0653

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Color Club fun

Need we say more? Color Club’s collection is vibrant and playful.

Color Club from Left to Right: Youthquake (red), Age of Aquarius (turquoise), Chelsea Girl (blue), & Raspbery Rush (hot pink)

Color Club from Left to Right: Youthquake (red), Age of Aquarius (turquoise), Chelsea Girl (blue), & Raspbery Rush (hot pink)

Color Club's Age of Aquarius & Edie

Color Club’s Age of Aquarius & Edie

Color Club's Raspberry Rush & Edie

Color Club’s Raspberry Rush & Edie

Raspberry Rush, to my surprise, is actually a scented nail polish! More the reasons to love…

Color Club's Youthquake

Color Club’s Youthquake

Color Club Nail Party

Additional Color Club friends include Pucci-Licious (purple), Wild Cactus (Dark Green), & Evolution (pastel blue)


Swatches coming soon. Thanks for coming by!

Love, Cindy & Jane

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